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What Wikisum is

Graduate students read hundreds of articles and books each year. The only way to keep track of these works is to write summaries of them. We have collected many such summaries and posted them here for your use. These summaries vary from extremely brief to extremely detailed, often depending on the importance of the work being summarized. You can search, browse by title, or browse by keyword using the links at left.

What Wikisum is not (disclaimers)

  • Perfect. You use these summaries entirely at your own risk.
  • Complete. Most summaries assume that you have (or will) read the book/article; as such, they omit many details.
  • Pretty. These summaries were originally written for their authors' personal use; many are written in the first person, or have embarasing grammar errors. Rather than spend hundreds of hours editing the summaries, we have posted them in their original form.
  • A textbook. With very few exceptions, we summarize only peer-reviewed books and articles, not textbooks.
  • Profitable. This site operates at a loss. (Those Google ads that you may see don't cover our hosting costs, let alone our development costs.) As such...

Please help

Please consider helping out so this database can be even better. We need volunteers to

  • Improve summaries
  • Write new summaries
  • Contribute a database of summaries, especially from disciplines besides political science
  • Make donations

Terms and Conditions

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  • You accept our copyright policy in full.
  • You agree to create only one account for yourself. Do not create "sock puppets."
  • You acquire no rights by using this site. We retain the right to close any account, to deny access to the site, and so on.
  • You agree to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Oh, wait, nevermind, that's the Boy Scout law... Well, be nice anyway. Seriously, you agree to be patient with and kind toward other users of the site.