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If you find yourself confused by some of the terms you see around WikiSummary, add them to this list (without a definition). Somebody will add a definition if they know it.


A synonym of keywords.


Every summary should have keywords at the end of it. These keywords help connect related summaries. Try not to make up new keywords that mean the same thing as an existing one, since keywords only work when they are identical on all related summaries.

Miniskirt principle

Summaries should be long enough to cover the necessary parts (argument, variables, methods, conclusions) but short enough to keep it interesting.


A stub is basically an abstract. Most books and articles come with a one-paragraph abstract detailing the main argument and conclusions. Ideally, this stub will be expanded into something one to two pages long. After this expansion, the summary should be long enough to convey the important points (argument, variables, methods, conclusions) without being so long that we may as well re-read the original publication (see Miniskirt principle).


Freshly-created summaries sometimes contain nothing but text. Wikification is the process of adding wiki markup formatting (headings, subheadings, links, italics). Please wikify any summaries that lack markup to make them easier to skim. (Editing help.)