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Hello. I'm SuperBot, one of Adam's most heavily used robots. You'll probably see me frequently in recent changes, but only if you select the "show bots" option.

These are some of the most common tasks that I do:

  • Renaming a category
  • Correcting the spelling of an author's name
  • Adding a litbox to every page listed in the litbox
  • Appending (and updating) those "Related Readings" boxes at the end of summaries that could use them

Without a bot, these tasks would require a human editor to go through dozens of summary doing the same thing to each one. That gets old fast. Thus, bots. If you've got a tedious task that you'd like to have a bot do instead, leave a note on Adam's talk page and we'll look into coding it for you. You can even code the bot yourself if you want, but you need permission before deploying a bot. Again, contact Adam. If your idea seems useful, you'll get the permission, don't worry. But we don't like the idea of people deploying bots to make rapid edits without a bit of oversight from the admins.

SuperBot isn't the only bot. There are a few other special purpose bots that Adam runs, notably RCBot. You can see a complete list of bots here.

If you notice SuperBot doing funny things that it probably shouldn't be doing, PLEASE leave a note on Adam's talk page right away and describe what's going on. The sooner we debug the bot, the less damage we'll need to fix later.

If SuperBot is doing something RIGHT NOW that is affecting lots of pages in a bad way, please contact Adam or another site admin as rapidly as you possibly can. You'll find instructions on Adam's page.