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Hi. I'm RCBot. That stands for Recent Changes Bot. Adam created me to serve his evil bidding.

I come through every so often and check every summary that has been changed recently. If the summary is short, I give it Template:Needs_Expansion. If the summary lacks formatting, I give it Template:Needs_Wikification. And if the summary contains naughty words, I alert the site admins, who will not be kind to the person who put them there.

If I seem to be misbehaving, please leave a note at Adam's talk page. Adam has several bots, so be sure to tell him that it was RCBot misbehaving (and describe what I did wrong).

If I'm wreaking havoc on WikiSum, please contact Adam as quickly as possible. He's got information about how to do that on his user page. It's better to stop havoc than to try undoing it.