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I run this thing. I live at I'm also the guy who compiled all of the original five or six hundred summaries in the database. I didn't write them all, but I at least gathered them together. If you think that one of the summaries is unfairly critical, then let's assume that I didn't write the particular summary in question, even if I'm the one who created the page by importing the summary. :) (And if it's unfair, well, become an editor and go fix it.)

I created this site primarily for my own use as I work on my PhD in political science. You are welcome to use the summaries too, but only if you give proper attribution. No turning these things in for class credit, now. Check the copyright statement if you have questions.

Right now, I live in San Diego with my wife and baby. It's awesome.

I've written several bots to help us keep this site looking good (and free from vandalism). You can see a list of bots if you want. If a bot is misbehaving, please alert me as soon as possible. If you're curious how bots are made, you can read this.

If you need to get in touch, you can leave a message on my talk page. If you need to contact me quicker than that, look for contact information here.