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Steinmo, Thelen, and Longstreth: Structuring Politics

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Steinmo, Thelen, and Longstreth. 1992. Structuring Politics: Historical Institutionalism in Comparative Analysis (ch 1). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Although new institutionalism has been around for a few years, "few have stepped back to analyze the distinctive features of the kind of historical institutionalism these theorists represent, nor to assess its strengths and overall contribution to comparative politics."

Bias: "New Institutionalism" includes two groups: rational choice institutionalists (see Shepsle article on this) and historical-interpretive institutionalists. This chapter (and the book it comes from) favors the latter. Some scholars refer to "historical institutionalism" as "structuralism" to avoid the confusion of referring to both schools as "institutinalists."

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