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Posada-Carba: Democracy, parties, and political finance in Latin America

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Posada-Carba. 2001. Democracy, parties, and political finance in Latin America. Paper presented at the conference on Political Finance and Demcoracy in East Asia, Seoul, South Korea, June 28-30.

In Brief

The author studies how state financing of political parties affects party systems.

  1. State financing may lower the barriers to entry, making it easier for new parties to establish themselves.
  2. May reduce incentives for parties to establish relations with civil society (just as external funding keeps local NGOs from building up local support)
  3. Probably won't reduce corruption (parties will take money from state, but keep taking it from donors, too)
  4. Could make parties more cohesive (increasing the resources they have to offer, encouraging politicians to remain in the party rather than go it alone)

Lots of potential here for further research.