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La Porta, Lopez de Silanes, Pop Eleches, and Shleifer: Judicial Checks and Balances

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La Porta, Lopez de Silanes, Pop Eleches, and Shleifer. 2003. Judicial Checks and Balances. working paper.

Controls: latitude, ethnolinguistic fractionalization, economic development (log GDP). But, log GDP and latitude have no hypothesized correlation with both x and y, so why include them?

Omitted variables: REGIME TYPE. Clearly correlated with both judicial independence/review and with political/economic freedom.

Problem: different variables are measured in different years.

Problem: looks only at de jure constitutions, not de facto

Selection on dependent variable: more than half of the sample is democracies. The dependent variables (democracy, freedom) and the independent variables (judicial review, independence) are both correlated with that.